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Stockholm’s largest manufacturer of concrete countertops

Welcome to Stockholm’s largest supplier of countertops made of concrete! With our concrete countertops, we in a simple and affordable way want to assist our clients to individualize and create dynamic in their home. Through all our years on the market we on Betongstil have focused on developing concrete countertops at the leading edge in terms of design and sustainability.

A concrete countertop is durable and resistant like one made of stone. In addition, concrete is a very dynamic material that gives an touch of modernism, while it’s also radiating soft earthy values.

Complete solution – We do everything when delivering a concrete countertop

Through our approach, we can mold a bench in concrete up to 4 meters in a single piece, without ugly joints.
In addition to the production of the countertop, we deliver a unique solution, where we also:

    • Measure – takes responsibility from the customer
    • Mount the stove and the sink>
    • Deliver
    • Mount the concrete countertops

Cost-effective production of our concrete countertops

Through a unique place casting, we can optimize and streamline the entire manufacturing process. This means that we also offer very competitive prices.

Price example: 40mm countertop 2000 mm length, 600 mm width, with 2 cutouts for the stove and sink including measuringt, assembling and delivery: 11500 SEK*

Send us the dimensions (width, length) on the countertop via our contact form under the tab contact and we will return within 2 days with a quote!

*Based on us being able to use rotavdraget

Compared to our competitors, we require no payment in advance for ordering of bench in concrete..

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