Concrete walls and concrete floors with style.

Betongstil has set the goal to further develop and take industrial design to a whole new level. As a step in this process, we on Betongstil have chosen to develop our materials and our technology for our concrete floors and concrete walls, in order to be able to create the ultimate concrete floors and concrete walls. Thanks to our switch from ordinary concrete to our CreteDeco™, we have the opportunity to lay our concrete floors and concrete walls entirely by hand, square meter for square meter, in this way, we’re creating a concrete floor with a completely unique design that is far from the usual monotonous concrete floors.

”Betongstil do not pour the concrete to cure, we at Betongstil create artwork out of concrete, entirely by hand, square meter per square meter”

Another design advantage of our concrete floors and concrete walls is that we also can dye our concrete, this means that the customer can choose freely among all shades of gray in order to be able to find exactly the right shade.

Concrete floors with many practical benefits

GThrough our materials and technology, we have the following advantages over standard concrete floors:

– No preparatory work as reinforcement or demolition of existing material

  • No finishing work – No diamond polishing etc.
  • Wear and stain resistant – Through our after treatments, you get great protection
  • Fast curing – Can be burdened after only 24 hours
  • Comfort – Provides a much warmer and softer feel to walk on
  • The material adds only 3-4 mm – can be applied directly to the existing surface


Our floors remain beautiful in many years to come. In contrast to other floor layers, we on Betongstil include two treatments of our concrete floor according to our installations. By following these treatments, you get a great protection against stains and wear.

Concrete floors

– Examples and inspiration