Frequently asked about our concrete slabs:

Endless possibilities to vary countertops for your kitchen

As concrete is malleable, there are endless opportunities to shape concrete discs to your unique home. Its precisely malleability is what makes concrete such an versatile material. Although concrete is malleable, it is extremely durable.

Can you help me with the measurement facing casting of the concrete slab?
We perform the measuring of the countertops at home with the customer. Through past experience, we have noticed how easy countertops get the wrong measurements when done by the customer, this we want to prevent.

Will the body of my kitchen be able to handle the weight of concrete slabs?
During our first meeting where we consult and advise you on location to find the best solution for your concrete slab, we also analyze the limitations and possibilities of your kitchen for a concrete slab. Normally withstand a regular Ikea body weight of a 250 cm long and 40 mm thick concrete slab without any problems. If we, contrary to expectation at our meeting, notice that it may be weak points, we have the opportunity to strengthen kitchen backbone of the countertop.

Can the countertop stain?
Through our aftertreatment, we can prevent it from occurring. It is precisely grinding and the following treatment that makes the countertop is resistant to stains, something we at Betongstil have put a lot of time to become specialists in.

There is a possibility to choose between wax or varnish aftertreatment of the surface. If you choose to wax the surface it must be maintained once a quarter with hard wax. Coating creates a maintenance-free surface.

Can the concrete slab crack?

We reinforce the countertop with armouring. Especially around the sink and stovetop we strengthen the countertop further. However, it can occur subtle cracks, according to many, only reinforces the patina of the concrete slab.

Is it also possible get help with the mounting of the countertop?
As Betongstil offers a complete solution from measuring to the installation of the concrete slab, you do not need to assemble concrete slab of the kitchen. Through our parent company R & R Designbygg & Koncept AB, we also possess a broad expertise in addition to production of concrete slabs. Among others joining of the countertop is something that we consider to be a step which is extremely important to get done the right way in a wet room, which a kitchen in fact is. In addition to the mounting of the countertop we can also help to mount the sink and stove, in addition to top mounting, which is standard, you can also get the sink and hob flat-mounted.

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