1. Consultation before the production of the concrete slab

Once you have decided on concrete as the desired material for your countertop, there is still much that must be considered before we found the countertop for you. Among other things, you have choices to be taken for the design, layout and the cutout of the disc. It is also extremely important to find out what possibilities and limitations your kitchen have regarding the installation and design of the countertop. To be able to advise and inform you in the best way about the various options before production of the countertop, we always have a meeting with you before the manufacturing process. During this meeting, we analyze your requirements and desires regarding your countertop, and inform you what options there are before mounting the countertop to your specific kitchen.

However, it is important to point out that we as all other manufacturers of countertops can not adapt our countertops completely for uneven walls, therefore you have to have an understanding of that there may be a discrepancy between an uneven wall and worktop after casting.

2. Measuring the concrete slab

The measurement of the countertop and the cut-out are also critical moments, which are unfortunately often done wrong. Therefore we have chosen to do this for the customer. In this way the customer does not need to be worried that the concrete slab has the wrong dimensions when we start casting countertop.

3. Casting and reinforcement of the concrete slab

For the casting of the countertop, we use a concrete that is especially suited and designed for just countertops. To ensure that the concrete slabs will be even stronger we also armor the concrete discs, this is especially important to the cooktop and sink.

4. Grinding of the concrete slab

After casting the discs we begin the grinding of the countertop. We grind the top layer by hand with a sharpening stone on top of the countertop, thus to be able to obtain a durable and smooth surface of the countertop.

5. Finishing of the concrete slab

After installing the countertop we install the sink and hob. In addition to top-mount, you can also get the sink and hob flat mounted. In a flat mounting we can lower the sink/hob in the countertop so they fall into line with the rest of the countertop, this is both a practical and stylish solution when one excludes the edge around the sink/hob. As the flat mounting is a very labor intensive, we charge extra for a flat mounting.

The countertop is finally treated with a surface treatment, which is gradually worked into the worktop. In addition to wax, customers can also get the countertop lacquered. These options will be presente before after treatments.